• Reporting Designed for PPC Professionals

    Pre-configured graphs and tables - designed for your client's unique needs.

  • Configure Modules to Any Spec

    Movable, independent, customizable modules. As many or as few as your client demands.

  • Deliver Reports Automatically

    Why are your search analysts spending hours prepping reports when a computer can do it better and faster?

  • Export or Email a Link as PDF, XLS, other formats

    Multiple options to deliver a final report. Fast, easy methods to get reports out.

Simplify Your PPC Reporting

SEM agencies and independent consultants spend up to 25% of time generating client reports. What if you could eliminate that burden completely and free up valuable resources to add value elsewhere? PPC Maze can help automate your daily, weekly and monthly reporting duties. Aggregating stats from multiple sources.

Register for a demo and our sales team will walk you through our program. Want to skip the demo and try yourself? You may also download our software directly. Begin seeing daily, automated insight into your client's metrics.